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Maria Simion

We would like to share with you WonderLolita's emotions, ideas and secrets ... for EFW.
"Follow your secrets, follow your dreams!" by WonderLolita

The Brand
In January 2007 Maria Simion launched her own label WONDERLOLITA and in the very same year she opened her first store in Bucharest. The designer focuses on Pret-a-porter / Ready to Wear Collections. In 2009 she broadened her range by designing her first Couture Line, the "Untold Story Line" that from now on will re-emerge annually. The designer kept a collection in mind that is meant to embody timeless happyness and modern sensuality! Within the last 3 years and with each new collection the company and reputation have grown considerably! The store has seen each collection evolve with ever more ingenuity, reinforcing her unique brand of modern couture.
The label is extremely well featured in the romanian and italian media, both on tv, especially Antena 1 Romania and in all renowned Romanian magazines and newspapers. (Look, EMulte.ro). Furthermore Maria Simion is dressing famous romanian actresses, singers and topmodels like Anca Neacsu, Elena Gheorghe, X Factor Staff, Fashion Blogger Myra Postolache, Mandinga and lots more. Most recently Maria Simion presented her Label WONDERLOLITA at NOVA TV where she won "Best Designer Pret-a-Porter 2011" in Romania.

Style & Values
WONDERLOLITA focuses on Pret-a-porter / Ready to Wear collections and since 2009 as well on the Couture-clothingline that shows elegant an stylish dresses. The WONDERLOLITA style is simple, straight and romantic, which emphasizes the female body and its lines. Bringing out each unique woman's own femininity, not disguising it, it is a request to focus and bring out the advantages of the female body. Feminine, tailored, enhancing & sexy designs but always with a noble touch. A dress is a gown to Maria Simion who combines a romantic imagination and a passion for fashion. Every single piece, whilst never being to outrageous is essentially all about sensuality and feminine power.
Mindset: "Follow your secrets, follow your dreams..."

Maria Simion's vision is to be recognised as a design driven and inspiring global brand. The goal is to achieve international acclaim and commercial success in boutiques around the world. Starting from now Maria Simion is planning to sell her collections to appropriate stores around the world. At the same time the designer is keen to retain the exclusivity of the brand, so she limits the production of each piece.

The Name
"WONDERLOLITA": The meaning of Lolita is focused on French Kings Values, Baroque Style combinated with Rococo Style inspirated from Victorian Nobleness Age.

The Designer
Born in Bucharest, Maria Simion has arrived on the fashion and design scene in 2008.At the end of her university studies as a choreography, Maria Simion worked in tv and mass-media like make-up artist. In 2007, she discovered her talent for fashion design and her inspirations came from the diversity of the women, french style and the art and architecture. She started creating and sewing at the young age of 25 for her friends and family. Later, in 2011, she presented her first collection successfully in an avant-garde fashion show in Milan for Business in Fashion. The elegance and simplicity of the french architecture, glamourized by rococo style and classical lines, with elegant, ornate details shows up impressively in her latest work.

  • GIPSY LOOK - "Limited Edition" 2009
  • Gipsy Look Collection
  • BELLE EPOQUE S/S 2009-2010
  • "Belle Epoque" Collection
  • FASHION IN LOVE A/W 2009-2010
  • "Fashion in love" Collection
  • ROMANTIC STYLE S/S 2010-2011
  • "Romantic Style" Collection
  • UNTOLD STORY A/W 2011-2012
  • "Untold Story" Collection
  • LVXVS MUNDUS S/S 2011-2012
  • "Lvxvs Mundus" Collection
  • CITY BIRD OF PARADISE ... Coming Soon ... S/S 2012-2013